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...Food for thought...

72% of all brides surveyed in Modern Bride Magazine stated that they wished they had invested much more of their time on selecting their entertainment.

Most of the people at your wedding will never see the wedding pictures and video, never ride in the limo, don't take the flowers home, and only eat for about 40 minutes. 81% of guests say what they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. Yet remarkably some uneducated brides are willing to spend more on seat covers or a chocolate fountain than they are on the absolute most critical element of their reception - the entertainment.

Entertainment is actually one of the most important during wedding planning. Brides say their priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer.


- Reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities - 


YET within one week after the reception, 88% say they wished choosing the most critical element of your biggest day is simply NOT the place to skip, period.​

The price a client pays for their entertainment is directly proportionate to the quality. The quality is directly proportionate to the satisfaction that echoes for years afterward.

All our weddings offer exposure to future brides. That's how we get 90% of our business-referrals & former guests. Advertising simply does not compare. Our best advertising is our work. There is no greater compliment than our clients' referrals to their family and friends.

Start Your Day Off Right


Nerves are plentiful before you walk down the aisle, 

so leave the technical details to us…



Everyone Can Hear


Don’t risk letting those cherished vows go unnoticed… we can help with a wireless microphone.

Don't Be Distracted


Our remote sound system will be hidden so your guests can focus on what’s truly important, you!

The Perfect Music


We’ll help you choose the right mix of music to create that perfect, romantic mood.


Team Approach


No one person can do it all… effectively. So we work as a team; two people, each with a specialty.

Music Done Right


Hate cliche wedding songs?!? 

So do we!

Love cliche wedding songs?!? 

So do we!

Musical Experience


We come to the table offering you everything we have available… 100% of our resources!

You Can Trust Us!

We’ve been entertaining at worldwide celebrations for over 15+ years now, and we recognize that each event is unique and requires a high level of attention to minor details. From day one, you’ll have peace-of-mind with our unparalleled support and planning assistance to help organize your perfect event. We come to the table offering you everything we have available… 100% of our resources!



Your wedding MC's primary responsibility is to ensure your reception flows seamlessly, so you both can relax and enjoy the good company.



Nobody wants to remember your wedding host, they want to remember the party. We’ll take the focus off of us, and put it squarely on the festivities you choose.

​Call or email  us to customize a package that works for you
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